Saturday, March 23, 2013

How to play all the Audio and Video format in Windows Media Player

By default Windows Media player is unable to play all type of Videos and Audios. So we install other media players. But if we install a 3rd party plugin named as K-Lite-Codec-Pack then Windows Media Player will also able to play all type of Videos and Audios. After Installation Of K-lite-Codec- Pack windows Media player will be able to play the below mentioned Media Formats.

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Video FIle : AVI (.avi .divx .amv), Matroska (.mkv .webm), MP4 (.mp4 .m4v . mp4v .mpv4) , Quick Time (.hdmov .mov), Flash Video (.flv .f4v), MPEG (.mpeg .mpg .mp2v .mpv2 .m1v m2v .m2p .mpe .evo), MPEGTS (.ts .m2ts .mts .m2t .tp .tps .trp .rec)  3GP (.3gp .3gpp .3g2 .3gp2), Windows MEdia (.wmv .asf), Digital Video (.dv), DVD file (.ifo .vob), Blue RAy file (.bdmv .mpls), Real MEdia (.rm .rmvb)

Audio FIle : Audio File Extension (.mp3), WAVE (.wav .cda), Windows MEdia Audio (.wma), OGG (.ogg .oga), Matroska (.mka), MPEG4 Audio (.m4a .aac), FLAC (.flac), WavPAck (.wv), MusePAck (.mpc), Monkeys Audio (.ape .apl), Optim Frog (.ofr .ofs), TAK (.tak), Opus (.opus), Apple Loss Audio Codec (.alac), True Audio (.ta), AC3 (.ac3), DTS (.dts) AIFF (.aif .aiff .aifc), Core audio Format (.caf), AMR (.amr) , Real Audio (.ra), Speex (.spx)

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Installation Process OF K-Lite-Codec-Pack

1. Right Click on the application and "Run as Administrator"

2. Click on "Next"

3. Choose "Advanced Mode" and Select "next".

4. It will show the Installation path. Click "Next"

5. Now it will show the installation component. Unchecked the option "Player" so that classic window 123 player will not installed to play all audio and video and Windows Media Player will be able to play all the videos. Again Next -> Next ->

6. Uncheck the option "Reset all the setting to their defaults". Click "Next" -> NEXT

7. Now the Player Association Window will be open. Checked in "Windows Media Player" and Click "next".

8. Now the File association for the Windows Media Player will open. Choose "Select all audio" and "Select all video" and click "Next"

9. Now thumbnail Association Window will open. Just  select "Select all" and click "next."

10. Now on the speaker configuration Window select your speaker configuration and click "next"

11. Follow the instruction and complete the rest of the installation process.

Note: The above steps are from K-Lite codec pack v 9.7.4. The process any varies for other version. But you have to keep in mind about the program and file association and uncheck the option of installation of other player in installation component.

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